Woman’s Sense of Style

banner2What is wrong with women being tagged as a piece of art? Well, this may sound really mean if art is taken in a very light or ridiculous note but not when we say that everything beautiful and expressive around us is a work of art. The Mighty Being who created beautiful pieces here on earth made women simply as the epitome of work of art. Aren’t we?

The above-mentioned fact is what ladies know by heart even most of the time it is left unsaid. This is why we are attracted to anything pleasing to the eyes just like us. From home pretty pieces like wall paintings to flower arrangement and of course to what’s hip, fashion-wise, our eyes just simply get hooked to anything attractive. And speaking of fashion, how it feels good to stick to our own style which style can even vary from trendy to classic as long as these suit us so well! So much of the cliché of choosing one fashion style that will just confine us to labels from pretty, preppy, to chic, hot, or to simply a girl that rocks. Fashion should not identify who we are but it should adapt to our mood of style in a particular time. Remember, it is us, ladies, who are tagged as the epitome of beautiful art where clothing and other fashion accessories serve as accent to us only. And because these are accents, they need to actually accentuate the best in us.

Experimenting on something like the typical mix n’ match fun when we ransack our closet is fine but comfort should not be dismissed in this matter. The irony of choosing what is comfortable to us is that most of the time, these are the ones that aren’t comfortable at all if we get to be technical about it. For an instance, many of our lovely ladies out there do not feel comfortable wearing flats. Despite swelling ankles and toes, something would feel like lacking if they are not in heels. Yes, these might hurt but in only these heels they feel comfortable with which is something that some who aren’t used to heels at all cannot understand.

Well, that is exactly the paradox of “comfort” when put it in the context of fashion and beauty.

See! Women are pieces of beautiful arts which is not meant to devalue anyone but in fact just to stress out that our sense of aesthetics is expressive of what is going inside us. And don’t you think that is how art is denoted, anyway?

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