Woman as a Piece of Art

A woman is a piece of art. This may sound mean to hear but not all when we consider art as the one that makes the world go round. It is not money at all when making money involves art. Politics and business are the same.  This, too, applies to our lives and the lives of others where their beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. And when we mean woman as a piece of art, we mean not to be mean but rather to be proud!

Fashion is another thing. It has a creative purpose of making an art itself styled to a particular theme, design or a set of aesthetic standards. This is why adding beauty to an existing beauty is beauty to the nth level, and that is being a woman. The reflection of us in the mirror without clothes is heaven-sent. All the more, when we are adorned and dressed with lovely creations of fabrics, laces, and gems to touch our soft skin.  Despite some ugly situations happening in real life, no one has ever denied that women themselves make life worth living. And not even the heavens will refute if these pieces of art would claim the most beautiful creations award God has ever created.

Asian art is pretty and exotic just like its women styled in Asian fashion. European is elegant and too queen-like remembering the likes of Princess Diana and now the Prince’s wife, going back to the Queen’s fashion sense while the west is modern, cool, very model-like that even in their gowns, their looks would just rock! That’s fashion. To each is given a category where a certain x-factor falls. And admit it to keep things light. Women are human species who can change look just by deciding if hair is better in bun or just loose in some big curls while sticking to flats or stilettos, a baby doll dress or just simply putting on a blue jeans mini-skirt topped with baby white tee. And truly, they are the same ones whose actual taste is unrecognizable—of whether they are the ones who prefer landscape painting from abstract based from the street fashion they wear which most of the time too is replaced by trench coats and scarves. Our fashion just simply goes from A to Z that can easily mask who we are. Who knows if ours is the former fashion today which goes latter tomorrow!

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