Mix and Match Colors that Look Great on Your Skin

s07Do you ever wonder why whenever you are wearing your favorite elegantly cut black top, almost all people who see you say how fabulous you really look? Did you ever notice that there are really some outfits which make you feel pretty, sell confident and highly energized?Whether you believe it or not, there might actually be a rationale that will explain why you feel and look great in specific colors.

To know what color looks the most flattering on you, you should be able to identify first the particular “season” where you belong: spring, summer, autumn and winter. To carry this out, you should start first by checking the contrast between your eyes, hair color and skin. One trick to help you identify the natural tone of your skin is by checking those veins on your arm’s inside. “Warm” skin has golden or yellow tone with veins that appear green. “Cool” skin has pink or red tone with veins looking blue.

When you already identified if you are “cold” or “warm,” the next thing to do is check if you are “muted” or “clear.” Clear skinned persons have high contrast between eyes, hair and skin tone, with skin that are kind of translucent in quality. Muted skin does not have a lot of contrast. Although there are ash tones, the skin usually appears with a softer color as compared to clear tone.

Summer Colors

People who belong to “summer” have muted and cool skin tones. The perfect colors for Summer individuals include muted colors, pastels as well as neutral colors like rose, lavender, ceil blue and pale yellow.

Spring Colors

For individuals who have Spring skin tones, the ideal colors include soft pastels, khaki, peaches, golden yellows, coral and aqua.

Winter Colors

Winter skin tone is clear and cool. If you belong to the people in this specific season, you will surely look great on clothes that are of icy pastels, jewel tones, true black, and true white, deep reds, navy blue, cool grays and bright pinks.


Autumn Colors

For the persons with autumn skin tones, you will look great on colors that are very much related to this particular season. The recommended colors for this season include muted or rich earth tones such as olive, gold, burnt orange, chestnut brown as well as caramel.

Now that you already identified what season you belong to, there are still some key points that you have to bear in mind. There are many people who are wearing colors that came from palettes from the other seasons and they still manage to look really great! Never forget that that shade variants can definitely make a great difference. In case that you fell in love with a certain color that does not even fit you, it does not mean that you will totally ban it from your attire plans. You can use it cautiously simply as accessory color or accent instead of having to use it as your scrub top. However, the best tip that you must never fail to bear in mind is that whatever the color that you choose, always wear your clothes with utter confidence and never forget to smile!

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