How To Wear The Blue Jean Shirt

casual-turn-down-collar-denim-long-sleeves-loose-fall-tops-women-sexy-long-shirt-font-bGive in and take that blue jean shirt out of your closet, its time they have use again. While someone very functionary certainly once said you never to pair denim with denim, just screw it and follow this major trend. Things have changed and you have to admit that finally, you are not breaking rules here anymore. But what’s the best match to your blue shirt then? Here are some tips gathered by Type F.

Denim all the Way

The deal with denim is that you thought is suits with everything except denim again.
The thing is, blue jean shirts are just as great match for jeans, but be sure to get the right rinse. Opt for a darker or maybe lighter shade. Just keep in mind that less is more and wear minimal accessories.

Color it up

If you don’t want to feel blue with your denim, you can spice that outfit and dare to add more color. You can be bold and pair that blue jean shirt with green skinny jeans, or yellow for some blocking. Channel your inner hippie style and add some bracelets or scarf.

Be flirty with a dress

Denim shirt may be casual, yet it evokes a cool vibe. For a rugged-chic appeal, you can pair that shirt with a black skirt: body hugging, mini to mid knee would be perfect. Keep it flirty with strappy sandals.

Embrace the earth tones

In some days, you may want to wear your jean shirt to a not-quite-dressy-not-quite-casual event. Classing button-down blue shirt looks good with a black trouser. Tunic styles however can be uber stylish if paired with a slim slacks or neutral khakis.

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