From The Office To A Restaurant: Picking Clothes For Every Occasion

black-and-gray-summer-outfitFor many people around the world, looking good is important to them.  It is this fact that leads many people to get out of bed early in order to ensure they look their best, or head home from work prior to a social occasion because they need to get changed.

Today, wearing functional and comfortable clothing is just as important to people everywhere as looking good is.

What tips are available to ensure you look good at all times, but also remain comfortable and able to head straight from the office to the restaurant or a friend’s house straight after work?

Blur the Line

You might be sitting reading this thinking that it is impossible to achieve this objective, especially if you work in an office where there is a strict dress code or in a store where there is a specific uniform. Thankfully, there are ways around both of these, which we will explore now.

If you’re in the dress code scenario, then being ready to roll after work is easy. All you need to do is go for the most ‘crossover’ item of clothing you can find. Think of what you would wear to a formal occasion so you don’t seem underdressed, but also what you could wear to a casual one and not appear to be overdressed.

If your wardrobe is in good shape, you will have an item that fits the bill on both of those counts. That is the item to wear when you’re heading out after work. You’ll look professional at work, and edgy and stylish later.

For those who have to wear a uniform, it isn’t going to be that easy, but you can still ensure you look good. Our best tip would be to ensure you have a comfortable jacket that you can wear all throughout the night. You know you’re hiding a work shirt, but to everyone else you’re just wearing a green or red top.

Think Shoes and Accessories

We spend so much time stressing about our main outfit looking good that we often carelessly forget about our footwear and accessories.

Shoes in particular are important, as they have such a huge role to play in terms of our comfort at all times. You can be a little more flexible with your shoes, as there is nothing to stop you taking a spare pair along to work with you, and leaving your others in the office overnight or over the weekend.

This can be a great idea if you wear heels or flats specifically for work, and prefer something else in your own time.

Considering accessories is important, too. Do you take a large bag to work but only need a clutch for going out? Place the smaller bag inside your work bag and do the same thing as with the shoes, just remember to transfer keys and any accessories before you leave the office! Keep any jewellery inside the bag, too, and you’ll be sure of having the look you want when you head out after work.

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