Clothes That All Women Should Have

How many times have you found yourself buying clothes and after a while you realize that you can’t wear it anymore. The main reason women have limited looks with their clothes is because they don’t have the basics. The basics almost expand the number of looks a woman can wear with any piece that she buys.

White long sleeves can give you either a casual look when paired with jeans or business chic when paired with slacks. White sleeves should be simple and chic. Make sure that it’s versatile enough to go places.

Another important clothing article is a jacket. A jacket that is neutral in color such as black, white or beige with an edgy design can pump up your outfit even if it cold outside. It can be a leather jacket edgy jacket or a white jacket with big buttons on it.

Trench coats can induce glam instantly. There is something about them that can make you look mysterious and elegant. It protects you from the cold and the right style can make you look like Anne Hathaway in Devil wears Prada.

If you want to make a blast, a girl could never wrong wearing red. A red dress can spice your look up like a red hot chili pepper. A human eye reacts very much when seeing red, and a bright red dress will make you a head turner in any party.

So these are the basics in dressing up. You can expand your wardrobe from here and experiment!

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