Bras To Wear Under Different Dress Styles

ako-vybrat-podpresnkuPersonally, I think nothing ruins a great outfit like a bra that’s on show. Some dress styles make it easy to keep your bra or bra straps covered up, but others (like a one-shoulder dress or one with crossover straps at the back) make it a little more difficult!

So, here’s my guide to the perfect bra style to wear under different dress shapes…

1. Crew-Neck

If your dress has a relatively high neckline and wide shoulders, or perhaps even sleeves, it’ll easy cover up your whole bra. However in this case you want a bra that’s going to create a nice smooth silhouette, especially if your dress is a bodycon one or another fitted style.

A t-shirt bra is the perfect style since it’s almost seamless and will have lightly padded cups for a nice shape. Just make sure it’s exactly your size since an ill-fitting bra won’t do you any favours when it comes to creating a sleek silhouette.

2. V-Neck

Depending on how low-cut your V-neck dress is, it can be difficult to keep the centre gore of your bra covered up. In this case, you’ll need a plunge bra like this one which has a low centre gore – kind of like a little V-neck of it’s own.

3. Strapless

You’ll obviously want a strapless bra with a strapless dress, but if you have a large bust it can sometimes be difficult to fing strapless bras that stay up and offer enough support.

However, it’s a mistake to believe that the straps are what offers support – it should actually be the band of your bra offering most of the support so if you buy a high-quality, well-made bra you can get away with going strapless.

Look for a bra with a wide band – perhaps even opt for a longline style or a strapless bustier which will help stop it slipping down – and try going down a band size for a more snug, stays-in-place fit.

4. One-Shoulder

A strapless bra works well with a one-shouldered dress too. However, if you like to have a strap there look for one that has detachable straps so you can just remove one.


5. Crossover Straps

Multi-way bras allow you to detach the straps at the back, cross them over, and re-attach them, so that they’ll follow the same pattern as the straps of your dress and be less visible.

However if you don’t want to buy a new bra, there’s a wonderful little invention which is the bra clip converter. All you’ve got to do is put your bra straps on their longest setting and hook this little plastic clip around both of them at the back so that they’re gathered together in an ‘X’ shape, again perfect for staying relatively hidden under crossover dress straps!

6. Low-Back or Backless

If the back of your dress is below a normal bra line you have a couple of options. If the backline is just a little bit lower, try a low-backed bustier which covers your
breasts and ribcage at the front, but at the back only covers the lower part of your ribcage.

However if the back of your dress is really low you might not be able to wear a bra with a band at the back at all. In this case, a ‘stick on’ bra is a great alternative. It does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s like a bra that only has cups with no band or straps; simply stick the cups in place and, if it’s a style with clips, clip the two cups together to bring your breasts together at the front for a nicer silhouette.

Whatever style dress you’re wearing, check out this great selection of luxury bras to see if there’s the perfect one for you. I think I’ve covered all the most common dress styles but if you think of another one I’ve missed off the list just leave me a comment below and I’ll try to recommend the best bra to wear with it.

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