Be a bargainista

612397766Admit it, with the slow moving economy, increasing prices, and all that money issues that we have, maintaining your chic look can sometimes be a challenge. Big challenge, take that. A wardrobe update can cost you thousand of cash, not to mention the cost of make-up, shoes and bags to go with that wardrobe. Well, you know you can hold on to that dear paycheck and look fab for less. Be a frugal shopper dear! They actually coined terms for it so it may sound fashionista, its “Bargainista” or “Recesionista” elsewhere.  So how to be one? Here are some tips we have gathered from all over the web.

Save or Splurge?

You can save on “recyclable” items. These are wardrobe pieces that you know will go work around with items on your closet. Think, layering pieces like camis, tights, and tank tops. You don’t have to worry because most of the time, people don’t notice anyway. You can top these outfit with a lux cardigan or fab jacket where you know you can splurge. Splurge anyway again on “must-have” items like pencil cut skirt, crisp white shirt, black slack and a tailored blazer which will be your go-to clothes. Invest on these and save on the rest.

When it comes to accessories, you know you can well save on sun glasses, and vintage necklaces that aren’t cheap looking at all. Splurge on shoes however, especially the comfy ones. Just be sure to not overdo it.  Think comfort and style and not style alone.

On make-up, save on lip-gloss and blush on because generally they have the same ingredients. Just find the perfect shade that will suit your color. Splurge however on foundation. Cheap ones can look really chalky and well, cheap. For mascara, you can save for your daytime use, and splurge for night use if you want to achieve a more dramatic effect.

Also before you shop, read magazines or fashion blogs to steal the look of your style icons. Most glossy and websites provide alternative shop where you can buy similar items for less.

Now, one more thing, one tip from frugal shoppers is this: Shop using CASH. Well, it’s understandable, we save a lot when we use cash and avoid unnecessary items thinking our cards were unlimited.

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