Men’s Fashion: Avoid These Six Mistakes That Could Send Your Girl Running

Man wearing sandals

Fashion errors are simple enough to avoid. However, that doesn’t stop a huge number of men from repeating them time and time again. Whilst some of these are so small that they might even go un-noticed, many are not. In fact some are downright unforgivable. In these cases it can be the signal for the girlfriend, wife or lover to tell her man that enough is enough.

1. Socks with Sandals

This really has to be the single biggest fashion faux pas ever. Often occurring once a man has returned from his summer holiday, men have a habit of wanting to continue to wear sandals.

Essentially there are two issues here. Firstly countries like England don’t really enjoy the type of weather that holiday hotspots do. Secondly and more worrying is that because it is colder, many men will try to compensate and wear socks with their sandals. If you are a fan of being laughed at in the street then carry on with this odd behaviour; everyone else should perhaps go back to wearing their normal footwear.

2. Trousers without a Belt

This pastime was once reserved for the older generation. However, there seems to be an increasing number of under 30’s that neglect to wear a belt.

As a one off, a man could be forgiven for forgetting to buckle up. Sadly there are more and more of them that seem to prefer this rather odd look. It’s almost as if they want to follow the rather annoying youth fashion of having jeans that hang almost half way down the leg.


3. Square Toed Footwear

Working on the principal that your feet aren’t square, it is pretty safe to assume that your shoes shouldn’t be either.

Aside from the obvious concerns over the well-being of your feet and indeed toes, these shoes scream out bad taste. The solution here is to throw these old style shoes away and treat yourself to a nice new pair of rounded toed shoes. Your feet and indeed image will be grateful for a welcome boost.

4. Replica Sports Shirts

This tip is one that some men can get away with, whilst others most definitely cannot.

If you feel the urge to wear your favourite team’s shirt then two things should be checked first. Number one is that you are not hugely overweight. Ladies get used to seeing sports stars wearing the same shirts, so it is very likely that your bulging stomach will only be seen as a turn off. These second point is that you should only wear these at the actual sports ground, not at the local pub and definitely not when out shopping.

As an alternative you could choose to make your own rugby shirts or specialist clothing to suit whatever sport you like. This way there is a good chance that it will look stylish and not make you look like a crazy sports fan.

5. Novelty Ties

If you want to be a talking point for all the wrong reasons wear a novelty tie. For many people it can be difficult as there is almost certainly a relative that insists on buying one as a Christmas or birthday present. However, the urge to wear it should be resisted. Even at the risk of offending the person that spent time and effort in selecting it for you. Leave these ties for fading television presenters who need to do something to get remembered by.


6. Overly Groomed Hair

Moving swiftly on to the sometimes problematic area of personal grooming, many men simply let themselves down here. The watchword here is that less is definitely more.

The main issue seems not to be with splashing on too much cologne, although that can be a problem in itself. Many women are put off by hair that simply doesn’t move. Too much hair product and you can easily turn your pride and glory into something that resembles a cactus on steroids.

Whilst you might want to make a statement with your hair it is probably much better not to. Go for something softer and more natural looking; not something that could potentially injure your partner when they get close.

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