Why Black Gemstone Isn’t Always a Good Thing?

china-wholesale-retro-diamonds-decorated-chain-necklace-black-32091Black is a color that is universally associated with darkness and mystery because it fully absorbs negativity of all kinds. This is the reason why it symbolizes the universe and the outer space as well.
Almost all cultures also consider it as a sign of death and mourning, but what about in jewelry and accessories? Does this color have any significance or effects?

In accordance with beliefs, wearing gray or black stones in jewelry protects and suppresses the emotion while portraying the one wearing it as sexy, sophisticated and mysterious. This is the reason why many people prefer to wear it during formal occasions and gatherings. But did you know that the black gemstone is not always a good thing? If you are wondering why, you can discover the answer by reading this article.

There are times that a black gemstone is a hot fashion fad but there are also times that it is not. As aforementioned before, black gemstones should just be worn if you are attending a party like Oscars. But if you will just go to work, go to the beach, hang out with your friends or go to the mall, they are a no-no. This is the simplest explanation why a black gemstone is not always a good thing. Well, aside from the venue you should also take into account your outfit. Actually, this is the biggest factor that will dictate you on what colors of gemstone to wear as accessories.

If you are just wearing jeans, shirt and sneakers, you should choose the gemstones that are neutral in color. But of course, they should still depend on the evident color in what you are wearing.
No matter how expensive your black gemstones are and you want to show them to the world, you will just look like a fool if they do not match your outfit. But wait? What if you are a Goth or an Emo? Since your typical outfit is black from head to toe, is it alright to wear black gemstone?

4dac2f52a14250c0bd07c989e7d37e0c31a10eaaWell, the answer for this would be a big yes. But there is an exception to the rule. Since black gemstones come in different sizes and shapes, you should be very careful in choosing the one that will best fit your outfit. You should settle in small and round black gemstones for your necklace, earrings and bracelets. Black gemstone is known to absorb light so, choose the one with lesser glimmer, shine and facets. Bear in mind that if you are a Goth or Emo, you should be very minimalistic in wearing your black accessories. This means that the lesser details, the better.

Now that you already know some of the reasons why black gemstone is not always a good thing, you can already use it on the right outfit and occasion. Actually, it is just a matter of mixing and matching and a little bit of common sense. You should always take note of the details in order for you not to be a fashion victim.

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