What Your Jewellery Says About Your Character

You are surely fond of wearing different jewellery pieces with your different ensemble, but do you know that jewellery speaks a lot about you and your character?

The kind of jewellery that you prefer and wear most of the time an essential statement about you as well as your character, just like your clothes, your manner of speaking, the car that you own as well as other signs of your exceptional interests and tastes. Just like a wonderful gem, you might also be multi-faceted with numerous looks and sides. If you are interested to know what your jewellery speaks about your character, here are some interpretations that you might want to know.

Beautiful and Bold

If you are fond of wearing large hoop earrings and those rings that have blings, you are probably a kind of person who is active, fun loving and leads a good social life. You are the type of person who will initiate the party and would love to know that everyone notices you the moment you step into the venue or room of a certain occasion.

Simple and Elegant

Your beauty is classical, both in and out. You are family oriented and more of traditional type, although your sex appeal definitely comes in a healthy dosage. You would appreciate a simple and quiet dinner instead of huge crowds as long as you are with the correct person and you really know how to choose the ideal signature piece that will fit the occasion, like the pearl stud earrings that will look perfect with your cocktail dress in pure black.

Conservative and Small

If you prefer delicate and petite jewellery pieces like the classical pearl necklace, you should be proud of your remarkable etiquette and taste. You are the kind of person who is well-mannered, educated, smart and someone who respects timeless styles and traditions.

Earth Lover

Eco-conscious and smart, you are the kind of person who loves the outdoors and animals. Your chosen jewellery reflects your innate taste, for you opt to use recycled materials that are of brown beige and other tones that are earth-inspired. You are also magnetized by unique pieces like hemp necklaces and berry bangles.

Just for the Best

You want life’s “bests” and it does not exempt your jewellery. You might be cruising down the streets with your expensive SUV, a patron of Neiman Marcus and Saks and similar with Sex in the City’s Carrie Bradshaw, you probably want Tiffany & Co. to design your diamonds.

Trendsetter of Retro

You are not the kind who worries about brand names but you actually consider a jewellery piece’s energy and look to serve as your basis. You are into vintage and antiques, which can best be found in thrift stores and online.

The Perfect Match

If you own almost matching earrings and necklace, chances are you are a smart, neat, organized and responsible person. You are a affable host, great in conversations and almost certainly, you will be on the top of your friends’ list whenever they need some advice.

See how jewellery speaks about who you really are? So, the next time you buy new jewellery pieces, see to it that they will best say about your individuality to avoid misconceptions.

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