Legendary Gem Designers to Get Inspiration From

1436444787Among all the precious stones in the world, the diamond has already made a remarkable record in history because of its value and price. Well, these may be some of the reasons why there are people who made the even the craziest things just to make money out of these diamonds.

Are you aware of blood diamonds? It is not the 2006 film, okay? It is also known as war or conflict diamond that is sold to finance violent acts such as terrorism and civil war. The trading of blood diamonds is recognized as a global problem because of the fact that the ones benefitted are terrorist organizations in different parts of the world.

According to reports and records, the blood diamond trading is worst in Africa where different African nations are affected such as Sierra Leone, Angola and Liberia are affected. In fact, even the United Nations is enacting solutions in order to enact resolutions in combating the blood diamond sale.

For the terrorist organizations, the diamonds serve as the currency because of the closed nature of the diamond industry. There is also a high level of difficulty in monitoring and tracking the diamonds that make it so simple and trouble-free to slip them into several legitimate diamonds. However, during the time the condition has already been realized, the blood diamonds have already been vanished. Several trade organizations have also started responding to consumer pressure with regard to blood diamonds thus, implementing better control and tracking.

Although the access to diamond mines has been restricted, there are still determined individuals that can smuggle them out for sale. These individuals usually deal the rough diamonds to illegal organizations, who just pay a small amount of money for the smuggled diamonds and then resell them to other groups or organizations who can successfully move the precious stones out of the country. When this happens, the resulting stone will be called a blood diamond because the funds from the sale are used in buying weapons.

how-to-tell-if-a-diamond-is-real-or-fakeTo protect the rights of buyers and civilians, the Kimberley Process was established in the year 2003 to help in restoring the confidence of consumers in precious stones. Nowadays, they control up to 99.98% of the trade in rough diamonds. But, if this process loses its credibility, experts say that the criminals will still pursue to re-enter the trade with these blood diamonds reappearing in jewelry shops in New York, London and Paris.

Ian Smillie was one of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), the United nations-backed agreement credited with breaking the connection between the conflicts and diamond trade mainly in Western and Southern Africa.

Top of them is Zimbabwe, where a hundred of miners were massacred by the army as the Zimbabwean government militarized a mining area just last year. Some industrialists have questioned if the gems from Zimbabwe match the description and definition of blood diamonds as they help in funding a government and not an illegal organization. But Smillie rejected it because he said that they are blood diamonds because they have blood all over them.

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