How to Select Jewellery for a Dazzling Night out

luxfon-com-16200You do not really need to be born with a faultless sense of style. It is something that is consciously brought up, honed through giving full attention to the ever increasing fashion trends where you will surely find something that will suit your personality, looks and lifestyle.

Coming up with your unique style is not a primrose path. This journey can actually be overflowing with trials and faux pauses. But if you are determined to be successful in this aspect in your life, you will definitely reach success.

And because jewellery is one of those many things that can give the much needed finishing touches on your looks and enhance your self esteem and good mood, you should be well versed when it comes to choosing jewellery that will best suit you and what you should wear during special nights, such as a romantic date or a party.

As far as jewellery is concerned, the foremost criteria include your build, height and age.

The Earrings

If your current height fits the latest standard in fashion and you have a really fine neck, do not hesitate to wear long and dangling earrings. They look really good especially for smooth hair. In case that you are not that tall and you are short, small earrings will be much better. The chunky button earrings, especially with gems will surely be fabulous on plump women with lush hairdo.

The Ring

Rings are the jewellery pieces that are usually preferred by a lot of women both for their symbolic meaning and aesthetic value. If you want to be stunning on your special date, you can wear a slim diamond ring on your ring finger. However, never wear two or even more rings on a similar finger. Rings that have gem of over 10k are commonly worn on your forefinger. Meanwhile, for the young ladies who have slim fingers and arms, a sufficient choice will be a small yet exquisite ring of 2k.


The Bracelet

Bracelets are being worn on your right hand only. If this has several segments without any gems at the center, you can have it worn losses-fitting. Conversely, when it has a gem at the center, never let it allow dangling on your arm.

The Pendant and Necklace

On a special night when you will be wearing a necklace, the primary problem is whether you
will wear it with low-cut or high-necked dresses. Here, you can make your very own decision and judge base on your own good tastes. Just try to experiment and choose the one that best suits you.

Now, to ensure that you will really look great on this special night, you have to know how you should combine these various jewellery pieces. If you own jewellery set consists of earrings, ring, bracelet and necklace, follow these principles: “necklace + ring,” “earrings + bracelet.”

These are some of the things that you have to bear in mind whenever you choose the jewellery that you will use for your very special night.

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