How Not to Overdo Wearing of Jewelleries

Wearing some jewellery to accentuate your clothing ensemble is definitely great. But as the cliché goes, too much can actually be bad. This means that whenever you wear jewelleries, you must never overdo it or else, you have to bear with the not so good consequences.

Here are several useful tips that might actually give you an idea as to how you can still wear your jewellery pieces creatively without overdoing it. If you really want to be artsy and more original, you can always wear your jewellery pieces in somewhat unconventional but remarkable ways. Why suffer from being dull and monotonous if you can actually wear jewellery without sacrificing your overall looks?


New Ways of Wearing Your Rings

Whether you believe it or not, even the simplest ring can actually be used as a beautiful accessory. Never restrict yourself with simply wearing rings solely on your finger. There are a lot more creative ways of wearing them. You have definitely seen some people who are wearing their rings on their necklaces. This is certainly a versatile way of mixing two jewelleries at the same time.

If you won a silver or gold necklace that has no pendant, why not make your ring a pendant itself? A fantasy or even an elegant ring can surely be turned into a funky and fashionable one if you know how to use it properly.

If you love to braid your hair, do you know that using rings can make the do more stunning? Those who have dreadlocks usually use rings as adornment for their locks. How do you do it? Just pull some hair strand through the ring, put it near your scalp and have it embedded into a formal, classy or even an extravagant hairdo. Surely, your hairstyle will get the attention of any onlooker!

A Necklace’s New Life

Aside from rings, necklaces can be very versatile as well. If you are a conservative chick, you might just be contented with wearing it round your neck, but make sure to give it some patterns. You can have it twisted, knotted, doubled, made into flapper or even a lariat. These will surely give the perfect finishing touch for an outfit.

Necklaces can also be worn as bracelets, have it tripled and then pair this with one of your casual outfits. In case that you are a girl who is always ahead in fashion and you want real outfits that will pop the eyes out, the real secret here is to look for the perfect and correct color combos.

These are the secrets that will surely be able to help you in order not to overdo your creative wearing of the jewellery pieces that you have. Through this way, you will certainly be able to get the attention of any onlookers. Remember that wearing jewellery is not something that should be overdone so always be careful in wearing them. Choose the best jewellery pieces and use them in the most creative yet adorable way so as not to ruin your own style.

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