How Big is Too Big for a Gemstone

tiger-stoneA gemstone is a great accessory that can bring out a woman’s true beauty. There are manifold of these gemstones that are already in the earth’s crust ever since the world began. These precious stones are processed to be made into glittering and stunning jewelries. Actually, jewelry-making started as early as the first world civilizations. Nowadays, you can find the best jewelries, jewelry designs and jewelry shops all over the world. This is the reason why there is a so-called jewelry fashion that is so popular among ladies and women.

In jewelry fashion, there are so many things to consider in order to show that world that you are really in fashion. Some of them are as follows: kind of jewelry, outfit that you will match the jewelry, color and size. Even though the size seems very insignificant factor in jewelry fashion, it is the one that is very important in order for you to look good. If you would like to discover the right size of the gemstone that will work perfectly for your outfit, read on.

If you are wearing a shirt and jeans, you should not wear big and rounded gemstones because you will be marked a fashion victim. Of course, you should only wear the simplest and least glittery one to complement the overall simplicity of your outfit.

But let us say that you are attending a corporate party. Of course, you need to wear your best dress just like what you see the celebrities in Oscar’s are wearing. This is the right time for you to wear big earrings, rings and necklaces for you to stand out in the crowd.

maxresdefault-1If you would like to envision the size of the certain gemstone you want, you should not base on the carat weight of the gemstone. The gemstones vary in densities or mass per unit volume. So, this only means that that two gems appearing to be the same size may have different weights. Let us say for an instance that you would like to compare the sizes of the ruby and the diamond. Of course, the 1 carat ruby will look smaller as compared to the 1-carat diamond.

Another factor that will help you determine how big is too big for a gemstone is the dimension of the gemstone which is measured in millimeters. The gemstone dimensions are as follows: round, oval, trillion, marquise, octagon, pear, square and baguette.

The smallest size for round gemstones is 2.0mm while the largest is 8.0mm, for the oval gemstone the smallest is 5x3mm while the largest is 12x10mm, for the trillion gemstone the smallest is 3x3mm while the largest is 9x9mm, for the marquise gemstone the smallest is 4x2mm while the largest is 12x6mm, for the octagon gemstone the smallest is 5x3mm while the largest is 12x10mm, for the pear gemstone the smallest is 5x3mm while the largest is 11x9mm,for the heart gemstone the smallest is 3x3mm while the largest is 9x9mm, for the baguette dimension the smallest is s 4x2mm while the largest is 7x5mm.

These will be your basis in choosing the right size of gemstone that you will match your outfit. Actually, it is just a matter of balance.

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