Guide on What Jewellery to Use for Different Seasons

Seasons change and as they do, people and the trends they follow also change. Even in jewellery, there are also different types that suit each and every season of winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Cool Jewellery to Suit the Crisp Winter

When the snow shimmers outside and winter frosts turn really crisp, winter jewellery fashion is about layering your vintage jewellery pieces with a more modern twist. If you want to stand out among the crowd, some good chunky jewellery pieces will be able to match your winter clothes. For a real vintage look, pearls and some audacious costume jewellery will be great to wear. Stay away from the raucous and bright colors and just stick to antique gold, silver, blacks, creams, aubergines, blues as well as deeper colors so that you will not look washed out. It will also be great to wear bigger pearl necklaces, bead charm bracelets as well as thick cut gemstones that look great with outsized knits, skinny jeans and some nice boots for a more casual look. Brooches are also great to wear during the winter, especially when you pin in to the lapel of your coat or jumper.

Back in Jewellery Game for Spring

When spring comes, the best jewellery pieces would be that with bright and slick color. You can use enameling and epoxy in order to make the metals shine with a high glossy finish. Although cuffs and multiple banglesĀ are also great especially on runways, style and comfort will still be the winner. It will also be the best time to get some earrings that have colors, lightness and movement. Silver tone is also in for spring so make sure that you get some nice silver pieces.

Have a Sizzling Summer with Hot Jewellery Pieces

Since summer is the time when the sun is out almost every day, make sure that your jewellery will also fit the season. One of the timeless styles when it comes to earrings is those with dazzling crystals that complement the colorful clothes. Floral earrings are also great additions to your summer jewellery collection. As for the rings, these usually come in great combination with the earrings. The warm days will be made warmer when you go for rings of silver with chunky blue, orange zirconia and purple. When it comes to the bracelets, those that feature turquoise, amethyst, obsidian, quarts and other types of beads are great to wear, especially the elastic ones that will give you a casual look. Usually, bracelets for the summer feature summer related concepts like ice cream, spiral seashells, bikini tops and bottoms, flip flops and a lot more.

Jewellery That Will Never Let You Fall

Statement and bold jewellery pieces are great for fall, especially when you mix and match them. Imagination is all that it takes to achieve a great jewellery look for fall. Metals are in for fall and fringed necklaces are also nice and larger earrings are good to wear, although medium and small ones are perfect as well. Rich purples and deep greens are also in during fall, accented with fuchsia and teal. To make these colors shine out, mix them with antique gold or some gray plating.

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