Gold Jewellery: Kinds, Prices and Designs

Gold is actually the most precious and highly prized among all metals that the earth has ever seen. It is no doubt that gold is the most favorite especially when it comes to making jewellery pieces.

Gold has come to be the most treasured metal since history’s dawn due to its malleability and dazzling yellow glitter. However, gold is not just of one variation for there are actually a lot of kinds of gold. This is now the best time in order for you to get acquainted with these various gold kinds.

Many people are very familiar with those pieces that are made from 14k gold, which is referred to as yellow or white gold. Gold that is used for jewellery pieces is also being milled in fine shades of red or rose as well as green. Red gold resembles copper that is brightly polished although this does not tarnish like copper. Green gold is almost near to 14k yellow gold’s shading although it has a bit of greenish cast. White gold is almost like silver with some touch of yellow.

Gold that is found in the native state is seldom of pure 24k, although it is commonly associated sometimes with mercury and silver. In pure gold’s natural state, the substance is actually very malleable and it can also be hammered to become really thin sheets.

When the content of silver has a high percentage of gold mass that is naturally occurring, this metals is being referred to as electrum, a kind of natural alloy. Gold can also be found in quarts that contain ore as well as in telluride. When found in quartz, gold can be visible or even enclosed in sulfide mineral particles like pyrite, arsenopyrite, pyrrhotite and chalcopyrite. In gold mines that are of high production, gold cannot actually be seen unless this is on a surface that is highly polished seen under a microscope of high power.

Because of the softness of gold, it cannot hold a form on its own, the reason why it is being combined with some other metals so that jewellery can be made. Once it is alloyed, the ductility of gold lessens but the malleability never chances, unless bigger copper percentages are added.

No doubt, gold really deserves to be a top favorite in making jewellery. Since it does not tarnish easily and it has a unique luster that cannot be found in any other metals, it will not be a surprise if jewellery collectors prefer to hoard plenty of pieces made from gold.

Every kind of gold is also suitable for every jewellery pieces, although the yellow ones are being commonly made into rings, earrings and necklaces. However, with the ever changing trend in jewellery these days, some have become fonder of white gold or palladium gold seeing that it is also very elegant and they have that different kind of sophistication that cannot be surpassed by any other metal. Truly, gold deserves to be the ultimate favorite as far as jewellery making is concerned.

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