Bestow Your Enamour With A Brisbane Engagement Ring

findajewelryexpert-1421755719-8Rings studded with precious stones always hold a special place in the dreams and secret fantasies of women. And what else could be better but diamond engagement rings. Don’t just waste your time anymore – it’s time to make your wish come real.

Where to Find the Best Diamond Engagement Rings?

Buying diamonds is both tedious and risky. It is very difficult to judge whether it’s just a fake stone or real. Try looking for diamond engagement rings online and if you are looking for the genuine and the most exclusive ones, you should be looking for the jewellers who have generations of industry experience in the trade. Search narrows down to Africa, Australia, Canada and Russia, the oldest known places for the gem.

Never Settle for the Mediocre

There are good diamond importers in every country, who import quality diamond jewellery and other newly found gem cities of the world. For one, the Brisbane engagement rings need no special mention to you. They are probably of the finest and rarest of the dealers of the precious stone. Their collections are one of the finest in the world and they have been in this trade for at least two-three generations now.

The Four C’s

Diamonds are graded by the four C’s of their quality and standard:

  • Colour
  • Cut
  • Carat Weight
  • Clarity

Diamond wholesalers who deal with quality diamonds get an international quality test from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) which happens to be the internationally set benchmark for testing the diamonds. These jewellers find out what exactly is the shape (how many edges or cuts) of the diamond, its clarity (whether it has inclusions and how much), its colour (from white or transparent to yellow) and its carat weight. The Brisbane engagement rings find a special place in terms of quality of all kinds of diamond jewellery.3-5-carat-engagement-ring-pretty

Diamonds are not Just for Engagement

You don’t need to wait for your engagement to treat your loved one with a special engagement ring. There are all kinds of patterns and designs, from sleek to the traditional ones, to even the most contemporary as well as jazzy patterns that match just any situation altogether. You have your sister graduating in Museology and you’ve been wanting to gift her with something as delicate as her field of study, all you need is to look into diamonds in Brisbane or Queensland and you have probably caught her awestruck.

Diamonds are not only for the Love-Struck

Wholesalers across the Land Down Under have traded some of the best diamonds for sale in Australia. There are jewellers who have 3 generations of lineage working with the designing of the diamond jewellery. As most of the diamond mines are found around the Northern Territory and Queensland in Australia, major cities in these states have been involved in wholesale trades in diamonds and other precious stones. There are many families who have taken into the diamond jewellery business for years now. These jewellers are super craftsmen of hand pieces like that of the bracelets, necklaces and pendants, fashionable earrings etc.

As diamond accessories are really expensive and cannot be afforded by all, the trend of gifting a once in a lifetime gift with diamonds is what made engagement rings so famous. And it is here that the Brisbane engagement rings have carved their cosy niche. And if you happen to be a traveller, an adventurer and admirer of the rarest beauties mother Earth behold within her, you could load your backpack and visit some of the rarest diamond mines in Queensland and Northern Territory. Who knows you may like what the diamond wrights do and go ahead in doing a wholesale business of this precious gem.

And then, you would probably be the best judge of what gift you should pick from the engagement ring fame or probably make your own designer diamond collections. In any case, you wouldn’t want to keep your lady love waiting to wear that gorgeous piece of jewellery on her perfectly manicured pretty long fingers!

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