Are Antiques Good Jewellery Inspirations?

Antiques have great value and jewellery pieces that are vintage inspired are definitely loved by many jewellery lovers. From antique rings, to antique bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, lockets, crosses, brooches and pins all are surely acquiring great admiration from many people. The antique jewelleries can definitely touch both the souls and hearts of people due to their timeless and priceless beauty. For some unknown reason, antique jewellery has a magical aura around them, as they seem to be the carriers of stories from an entirely different era which have long been gone. Such pieces glow with a subtle gloss that can be attributed being loved and worn at the same time.

But are antiques really good as inspirations for making jewellery. Well, that is the very question that we will aim to answer now.

The Different Eras of Antique Jewellery

Period jewellery pieces have an extraordinary appeal to both cutting edge clients and die hard nostalgia buffs. For them buying, owning and using a jewellery piece that came from a long bygone era is one of the simplest yet remarkable ways of honoring as well as appreciating the beauty of those past years. The antique jewelleries’ popularity is continuously growing for more and more people from all over the world are discovering both the eternal beauty as well as noteworthy craftsmanship of every period.

During the Georgian era, jewellery pieces where mostly handmade, which gave utmost variability to each piece. As expected, Georgian jewellery is actually very rare these days. Usually boasting of designs inspired by nature, Georgian jewellery usually includes various precious stones. That time, Memento Mori is also famous. The phrase means “remember you will die” and this is a bit morbid, which usually feature coffins and skull motifs.

As for the Victorian age, hearts, bows, flowers and birds are the common inspirations for that era’s wonderful pieces, showing the exceptional craftsmanship of Victorian jewellery makers.

For those jewelleries created by the time of Art Nouveau, one will notice that the creations are embodiments of creating art for art’s sake, combined with that time’s dramatic fashion trend. Airy and light designs have become the trademark of the jewellery pieces created during the Edwardian era. When the period of Art Deco came, the emphasis has suddenly shifted from the flowing lines and soft colors to the straight lines and bright and bold colors. Most of these eras definitely left behind some remarkable and exceptional antiques jewellery that serve as a reminder of the beauty of that time, as well as the way of life led by the people in those times that are now solely being read from history books.

As for the retro jewellery, this has actually take inspiration from Hollywood. Retro jewellery is elaborate, bold and colorful all at the same time. The pieces that are usually worn were the big cocktail rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces as well as charm bracelets.

It will not be actually surprising if antiques will be used as inspirations for jewellery creation for the story of a certain era itself is already valuable.

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