Unique Glittering Gems to Suit Your Mood

The natural stores found in the earth’s crust are known to possess unlimited powers because of their capability to heal and to attract good vibes as well. But apart from these mystical beliefs, these natural stones are also known to suit your mood because of their colors, appearance, shapes and other properties.

If you are looking for the glittering gems that can suit your mood, you can check out the following:


The name of this glittering amazonitegem originated from the Amazon River even though no reserves or deposit of amonzonite has been discovered or found there. This stone comes in different colors such as yellow green to blue green. Sometimes, there are also white streaks that can be seen on them. If you are the type of person who easily gets nervous or afraid, this the stone right for you because of the fact that it relieves fear and anxiety. So, always use this gemstone because it will always provide you with the courage you need.


The name of this stone has been derived from Chalkedon which is chalcedonyan ancient town in Greece located in Asia Minor. This glittering stone comes in the following colors: gray, pale blue and yellow. It also comes with a wax like luster. Because of the first-class quality of this stone, it is regarded as one of the best stores in the industry and very expensive as well.

This stone is also believed to possess healing qualities such as healing mental illness, sadness, fear, hysteria and depression. It is also effective in reducing fever and some say that it is also very good to the eyes. If you are the type of person who wants to experience peace and placidity all the time, you need to have this stone.


This is a Greek word that means happy. It was discovered in agateAchates River which is now known as Drillo River. There are several Agate varieties that you can find such as opaque and transparent. This is a very cooling stone that is said to be very effective in reducing fever, quenching thirst and making the stomach healthy as well. It is also said that the Agate has a power in helping an individual to sleep well and get pleasant dreams as well.

If you have insomnia, this gemstone is the must-have for you.


This precious stone is named after the late Czar Alexander II. Withalexandrite its purple and green light, it is also said to possess a power of absorption. If you are the type of person who does not have enough self-confidence, this is the stone right for you because of the fact that it fights low self-esteem and enhances the disorders of the nervous system as well. It is also known to relieve problems related to pancreas and spleen.

With the help of these glittering gems to suit your mood, you will not just have a perfect accessory for your outfit but a great stone to provide you with the right attitude, mood or character you need as well.

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