The Latest Trends In Nail Care

Two-tone manicure.

Care for the nails is as important as any other part of the body, both from a health and cosmetic point of view.  Your hands are one of the most visible parts of the body and having cracked nails can be embarrassing.  They can be distressing while going about different jobs too.  Help is available in the form of nail salons that offer manicure and pedicure services to their customers.

How Manicure is done:

Manicure is a beauty tips procedure that cares for your hands.  It involves cutting and filing of your fingernails.  The nail technicians then soak your hands in warm water to soften the nails.  They then begin to care for your cuticle.  They push back over grown ones and trim them off if necessary.  The other services involve attaching artificial nails on to your natural ones for length.  These are temporary procedures that may last a few weeks.  They offer some other treatments like fillers and coats for those having uneven nail surface etc.  The procedure also involves a good massage for the fingers and hands and they finish it off with a good coat of nail polish of your choice.  French manicure is very popular.  This involves the same procedure, however it is finished off with white lining for the nail tips and the body of the nail remains natural.  They give a very elegant look to your nails.  It can be done on the hands and feet.

What Nail Salons do:

The nail salons also offer care for the feet and toe nails.  Pedicure helps you relieve your feet of its stresses and is a very relaxing procedure.  The first step involves soaking your feet in warm water with aromatic salts to soften the skin and at the same time cleanse and relax it.
The feet are gently massaged at the same time. Once the nail technician feels that the skin and nail are soft enough to work upon, they begin to cut and file your toenails.  They then clean any extra cuticle and then buff the nails.

The feet and legs are then massaged with a good moisturizer to relax the muscles. They even offer callus care.  The feet are soaked in callus eliminator to soften the skin and cover up the painful callus of the feet.  It is a non-painful procedure unlike the more dangerous ones that involve shaving off the skin.  The pedicure is then completed with a good coat of nail polish that works well for protecting the nails as well as makes them look well cared for and beautiful.

Pedicure and manicure for the hands and toes are very essential both for cosmetic and health benefits.  They help you relax your overworked hands and feet and have an overall feel good factor to it.  The services are available in your neighborhood.  Make sure that you choose a good hygienic place.

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