Perfecting the Fake Tan

Fake_TanWe all know by now that a deep tan from a tanning bed or the sun will cause skin damage down the road, but that doesn’t mean you have to embrace a pale complexion. Instead, try out some of the many outstanding bronzers and tanners available on the market to make it look s though you’re on a perpetual vacation in the sun.

Tan Your Whole Face

If you’re using a bronzer or a spray tan on your face, you must tan the whole facial structure – not just the chin and up. Start at your collar bones or even a bit lower and then use your tanner from the collar bones to the hairline for the most natural tan across your face.

Avoid Blotchy Color

Dry skin sucks up the fake tanner more so than the normal skin on your body. Protect your wrists, elbows and knees with a heavy exfoliation to remove the dry skin and then cover the areas of your body most prone to dry skin with a heavy coating of oil-free lotion. The lotion will help keep the color adhesion balanced. When applying self tanner, start at the shoulder and move the lotion down the arm to avoid splotches.

Create Killer Abs

You can easily emphasize and even create bluff about your abs using self tanner. Start with a good exfoliation, but skip any moisturizer. Rub in a tanner in a circular motion over your abs and then use a makeup sponge to apply another layer of tanner into the contours of your tummy to make it look more defined and strong. Be sure to stay standing while the tanner dries on your body – otherwise you’ll wind up with unsightly streaks.

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