Keeping your make-up longer

how-to-create-easy-smoky-eye-make-up-in-4-simple-stepsWomen are fond of make-up. It does not cover up everything in your face making it unreal, but it enhances and highlights the beauty a woman already possess. It has its origins from the Ancient Egyptians and its use has spread all over the world. Technology has made make-up safer to apply on the skin and long lasting. But how can you get the best out of make-ups? There are tips on how to make your lipstick, foundation and eye shadows to last longer.

The base of everything we put in our face is the foundation. But a sunny weather can easily wipe off the foundation if not applied correctly. To start with, cleanse your face with your daily facial wash to remove debris from the skin. Use your toner and of course, your moisturizer as well to make application easier. Now add a primer before using your foundation.

Primers lock everything you put in the skin. A good primer can instantly remove shine from your face. You can now add your foundation. Stick with water-based products when choosing liquid foundations. Also remember that the lower the SPF, the less shinier your skin gets. Lastly, lock it all in using a finishing powder to give yourself a lasting matte look.

There are a lot of long lasting lipsticks in the market, but there are ways to make your lipstick last even longer. The oldest way to do just that is to apply powder right after you apply the first coat of lipstick, then apply the 2nd coat. Powder removes all the moisture leaving the color behind. Other experts apply foundation on the lips first before applying the lip color. Another way is using lip pencil first before lipsticks, because pencils last longer than lipsticks.

Lastly, making eye shadows last is a no brainer. Others use eye primers to bring out the intensity and color of the eye shadows while others just simply dip their brushes in water then utilizes their eye shadows as if they are watercolors. In this way, they last longer and they don’t smudge easily.

So the next time you put your make up on, just remember these tips to keep your face smudge and sun-proof.

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