Hair Style Alert: Side Swept Braids

maxresdefaultHere is one amazing style that can get those guys swept away. Side braids are adorably cute and can be worn on those chill days when you want get a little girly. It may seem simple by you can get things a more interesting by following this:

Embellished Braids

You may want to try to section your tresses instead of just pulling it into the side and braiding it. You need to pull your hair into your side and secure it with a rubber band. Then, leave one section of your ponytail loose and braid up the rest of it. Finish off your look by wrapping the loose section around the base of your ponytail and keep it in place with bobby pins.

Messy Braids

Messy braids are cool and chic and this look can be achieved in different ways. You can braid your hair to the side and then loosen some sections of your braid. You can tease your hair before braiding it up, or if you have naturally curly hair, just create a loose side braid as is.

Not Fully Braided

If you have gorgeous curls and want to show it off, you can try a partially braided style. Start your braid at the side of the hair and French braid it across the head. Then, let the rest of your hair hang loose.

Voluminous Braids

Volume and side braids can be sexy. For this look, you need to tease all the hair at the crown of the head before smoothing it back and to the side in a braid. Go for the volume that suits you.

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