Future Of Nail Art: The Growing Trend Of 3D Nails And Nail Art Glitter

It’s been a staple of our cosmetics make-up for decades now, but there seems to be some people who are predicting the downfall of the common nail polish colours. New and more exciting trends are rising up against the old nail varnish guard, including weird and whacky 3D designs and dazzling glitter nail art. Thousands of women are changing their regular ‘manicure Monday’ routines to involve these new styles, ditching the old nail polish in favourite of a little more bling.

With so many different ways of completing your look with your nails, it’s becoming increasingly popular for women to give themselves a sparkling look with nail glitter rather than opting for one simple colour, no matter how bright they can potentially be painted. It’s never been easier either, with dazzle nail dust becoming readily available at almost all good cosmetics retailers.

Nail Polish: A Dying Breed Or Staying Strong?

The advantage of nail polish is that it can be combined with any number of other cosmetics to create an overall look. As nail glitter often enjoys giving a cracked look, the base coat on the nail is an important part of the overall style, therefore making nail polish just as important as it’s ever been in the manicure world. Without a base colour, 3D nail art, nail art glitter and other relatively new trends would be dead in the water, simply because they have been based upon such a popular concept.

The pure strength in depth of nail polish in terms of colours, textures and chemicals means there is such a huge amount of flexibility for anyone wanting to change the colour or style of their nails. Since it is such a proven formula for doing so, anyone who believes that nail varnish is going to disappear from shelves anytime soon really needs to evaluate the state of the cosmetic market – new styles such as 3D art and glitter pots simply can’t survive without the foundations they were built on – at least not yet.

Don’t Match New Against Old: Combine Styles Instead

Rather than competing traditional nail polish against some of the quirky new 3D nail art designs and other fashion developments, anyone who wants to achieve a stunning look should be quick to notice that the combination of two or three different effects can really make the difference when it comes to crafting a unique look which is going to grab attention.

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