The Korean’s Invading the Streets

There are already a lot of people these days who say that the Korean street fashion is slowly turning to be something that can more and more equal the fashion trends in many major cities such as Tokyo and New York. There are even fashion critics who stated that the Asian street fashion in Korea is almost an exact carbon copy of the street fashion in New York and a milder and lighter version of the fashion styles in Tokyo.

But despite these comparisons, the Koreans are still applauded for their individual sense as far as fashion is concerned. If you will visit Korea, you will surely see diverse characteristics of the street fashion style that they have. Although these fashion styles can also be seen in some other countries, the Koreans added some twist to this Asian street fashion that definitely made them unique if not entirely original.

One of the fashion tips that you can observe with Koreans is that they love layering. Although there are some who say that this fashion style was courtesy of the New Yorkers, the origin does not really matter considering the fact that they need layered clothes to keep their bodies warm especially since their country has a temperate climate.

T-shirts that are oversized are also trademarks of Korean street fashion. Usually, these shirts contain English phrases or words.

The women in Korea are also fond of wearing oversized tees and pairing them with skinny jeans or leggings that are skin tight. These outfits, aside from making the wearer look good, can also be something that can make them comfortable. To complete it, they wear sandals or some nice sneakers.

Other fashion style items that dominate the streets of Korea are the boots that reaches up to the knees together with mini-skirts. Although mini-skirts will not keep the legs of the wearer warm, the real trick lies in wearing the knee-high boots and that is without mentioning that this will surely look sexy on any woman who wears it.

No matter what you make Koreans wear, they can definitely pull it off without any difficulty. Aside from looking fashionable, they will also look really cute, just like any of the Asian street fashion you can see.

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