Is Fashion a Healthy Trend For the Teens?

3xavdpz7kjoi5rsiq5diam6m-nnd0g89opecb8bb2ug6cppj10ginmad3qr9qxajb5yxhbqpvesayn_yq0u2hgn70x0_loa9halpx2w6fsbv4oe4zhwbq3-bqp5dktb04The term ‘fashion’ is used for a particular style or incarnation, especially in terms of costume, footwear, accessories, make-up and body piercing. Fashion is the new creation made by designers and is being brought by only a few numbers of people which are being translated into more trendy looks. Knowingly or unknowingly, people are very much accustomed to the freaky term fashion.

The word ‘fashion’ lends its charm and color in society. Fashion has no barrier not even language problem but it helps people of every caste and creed to bring their ideals, views and values. Styles that are emerging from the bottom of social hierarchy are bubbling towards the status of high fashion. Designers explore new trends regarding fashion, they sketch total outfit from costume down to accessories like hats, belts, handbags, scarves, etc.

With the changing fashion and developing technology there are many things that are making young generation crazy. If we talk about mobile phones, there are gadgets that are just impossible to ignore in today’s modern life and with the changing fashion there are new, stylish and fashionable phones coming up in the market every now and then so as to attract the attention of young crowd. Everyone wants to look cool and smart and move with the changing fashion. Stylish mobile phones are not just making your life easy but are becoming a status symbol these days.

Styles changes from trendy to classic and even to ethnic wears. Women’s are considered as an epitome of beautiful art where clothing and other accessories serve as an ascent to them. In this fashion world women’s are considered as an epitome but in the same way men are trying to compete with the women neck to neck in this beautiful trend.

Men’s fashion is recently emerging as a major industry. Fashion is no longer domain of women. Men are becoming more conscious regarding their looks. Men’s are investing time and money in making their sense of lifestyle. Fashion trends also vary depending upon the occasion whether it will be casual, ethnic wear, formal dress, etc. Now-a-days sportswear is molded according to prevalent fashion trends. Major element of fashion does not mean flashy colors, it actually describe proper fitting and absolute comfort with a sober touch. Classic touch for women includes jewelry like a pearl necklace, etc. Trends changes day by day but some of the outfits and accessories remain as it is like black short dress, a leather bag, footwear with high heels or flat, etc.

54bc2410ae610_-_hbz-street-style-trends-ss2015-lead-xlOne of the easiest trends to incorporate into the wardrobe is a seasonal color palette. One of the most important touches regarding fashion that comes to you is your hairstyle. One cannot imagine oneself by only wearing good clothing and accessories but one need to be very much conscious about their hairstyles which suits them best. Another best thing that comes with fashion is perfume which helps to smell nicer. It does not keep you pretty directly but indirectly it helps you.

Whether people are interested in fashion or not, it is very difficult for the women to escape out from the bombardment of information on the latest trends which are being received through mobile phone updates. The fashion industry is definitely becoming more accessible to the general public. One often needs time, effort and money to become a Diva in this fashion world if people want to make a career in this platform.

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