Deep Analyse Cosplay And Cosplay Fashion

cosplayWhat is cosplay?

Cosplay is shorted for Costume Play, it is also called ???? in Japanese which has become one popular event among the young persons. The people who play cosplay are called cosplayers or cosers. By wearing the similar costumes and making up specially, the cosplayers can act the characters in the anime series.

As to the birthplace of recent cosplay, it is generally accepted that it is from Japan. In a broad sense, the cradle of comic cosplay is in the United States. If we have to probe into the origin of cosplay, that should be from centuries BC when people cosplayed the behavior and spirit of the previous prophet and the great heros, However, that is not the same cosplay we are talking about today.

Cosplay is one the symbolic culture in Japan that you can even see cosplayers in the street frequently. Japanese cosplay has been divided into several factions: Palace doll (Lolita), the Idols, Anime & Cartoon, Nurse Series and so on. Talking to the cosplay in other countries like the USA and Australia, people are also interested in playing the heros in the cartoons and movies.

How to join in cosplay?

Cosplay is an unofficial entertainment, so there is no any limitation to the participants around the world.

As long as you have the good costumes, you can join in. Here we have listed several parts needed special attention in a cosplay event.

Firstly, the costume is the most important part; secondly, the related prop, one cool prop, could increase your own modeling; finally, if you could make up as the original character, that could help you seems more similar to your cosplay objects.

What the Cosplay brings to us?

It is hard to say cosplay is bad or good just like the two sides of the coin. In out-group’s eyes, cosplay is a white elephant, so players may encounter someone who doesn’t understand their love to the event, even some media also report the adverse effect to youngsters. The real cosplay is not only an apparent act, but also the act the intension of one role. Cosplay can also be regarded as a nice activity which helps us relax. What’s more, maybe you could get more fun if you try to cosplay the good guys in the real life.

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