Why Jewellery Studded Headbands are Underrated


Headbands are one of the fashion accessories that transcended trends, age and style. For some reason, headbands never go out of the mode and wearing them is simply effortless. Just imagine waking up in the morning with your worst day ever.

You never know how to tame your tresses. You tried almost hair product you can find in your munitions store but to no purpose. And then, you spotted a headband. You just slip it on and just like that! You are already to go out and start the day! You just have to tease some of your hair behind your headband or opt to have it at the side with a ponytail. This has long been a secret of many celebrities and now, even the ordinary people have discovered how headbands can actually make their look more than the ordinary.

Headbands are basically hair accessories being worn around one’s head to keep stray hair away from the eyes and headband. Children, women and men alike from all ages can actually wear these headbands. Currently, there are already a lot of headbands that can be found in the market and some of these are the jewellery studded headbands.

These jewellery studded headbands, from the name itself, are those headbands that are basically adorned by different gems and jewellery. While they are very pretty and definitely stunning, for some reason, these jewellery studded headbands are quite underrated these days. Although there are a lot of celebrities are wearing such headbands, it is not something that was easily caught by the fans.


One of the rationales behind this is probably due to the costs of such headbands. Obviously, the gems and jewellery alone are already high priced, especially when they are of the best grade. Aside from that, jewellery studded headbands tend to be choosy when it comes to the occasion wherein you can actually wear them without looking out of place. Most of the time, such types of headbands are only being seen during wedding ceremonies adoring the hair of the beautiful bride.

But despite being undervalued at times, jewellery studded headbands are still remarkable additions in improving one’s look.

In case that you want to look fabulous but you do not feel like wearing a headband with jewelleries, you still got several choices. There are several types of headbands namely plastic headbands, sweatbands, fabric headbands and the toothed headbands.

Sweatbands are the most functional among all headbands for these prevent sweat from trickling down a person’s face and irritating the eyes. These are usually worn by sports enthusiasts and athletes. Plastic headbands are those headbands that are widespread in the fashion world, famous among teens although adults do wear them as well. Their shapes usually vary and they are also very affordable. Fabric headbands are loved by many because of the comfort that they offer. These also come in different widths and colors. Lastly, toothed headbands can be made from either plastic or metallic wire. They hold the hair just like a comb, securing it tightly in its place.

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