Trends On Ice Ropes

earle-lime2-2013We come across lanyards all the timeSome are short, some long, some are wide and some are narrow, almost like peopleThey come in different shapes and sizes, and they also come with different designsLike any other diva, drama queen or just a girl next door, women love their bling, lets be honestSo even an everyday accessory like a lanyard could have that frosting we wantWe can choose from gem stones to rhinestones or even a little over the top for our little wannabe or real heiresses, crystalsFrom class b to real Swarovski crystals, be it custommade or readymadeThe choices are endless.

Every girl has their own titles for themselves, and I bet it matches with a crystal lanyard accordinglyLike for the divas, they would want a crystal lanyard thats over the top but mixed with elegance and class, at the same time, useful for their travels and any other commitments they have
for the drama queens, they would want their crystal lanyard to scream drama, like the thespian that they are, expect scarlet red, and blue as the heart of the oceanThose for the girlsnextdoor, they may be simple but they are the fickle ones, you bet theyd go for the customized ones because they are just unique like thatBut when we say crystals, it is not only almost synonymous to diva but heiress as wellWe know most of them could afford diamonds but hey, some are smart shoppers and opt to get the crystals instead but you can count that theyd get the best, if not the most expensive crystals any jeweler can find, and yes even for just a lanyard, they are just privileged like that.

Many of us take lanyards for granted and especially men, they could never understand that its never just an accessoryNothing is just an accessory, if it pumps up the style of the outfit, then it should never be taken for grantedSo dont be afraid to add a little ice to that little strap you have for your bags or other accessories to make it elegant.

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