The Popits Flip Flops at Philippines Fashion Week

flip-flops-montaigbakhtinian-23Have you heard about Popits? You know, that cozy flip flops that you can accessorize to match your outfit or your mood. Nicely, the great news is, Popits is now obtainable here in the Philippines! Really don’t we just appreciate flip flops? But the thing is, obtaining a person that is fab and comfortable at the exact same time is uncommon until the arrival of Popits.

Popits is about flexibility. Popits is about you mainly because it understands individuality and disposition swings! At a glance, it appears like an ordinary flip flop that you can customize using charms. But Popits is a lot more than this. It is stylish, glamorous, and the best issue is, they’re the most comfy flip flops!

The sole that hits the ground is created of rubber which most flip flops largely comprise. The big difference of Popits from other flip flops is the upper sole that touches your feet. This is manufactured of rubber that you can discover as insoles in rubber footwear. This provides your ft the comfort it deserves. Other flip flops are exclusively composed of rubber that hurt your feet with prolonged use.

By now, I’m assuming that you’re possibly asking if you can wet your Popits due to the fact of the materials composition. Indeed, you can! In simple fact, Popits can even be employed as seashore slippers. Water will NOT harm the higher content of your Popits flip flops. I in fact wore my black Popits throughout a rainy day and true to its guarantee, I observed and felt no distinction in comfort and ease. I even applied it for driving and I have to say, I rarely felt the pedals. I push a manual and this indicates I’m specific with my foot put on, particularly when I’m faced with Manila visitors. I have no complaints with my Popits as a driving buddy.

I believe that the name Popits comes from the truth that you can merely “pop” ornaments into any Popits carrier. A “carrier” can be flip flops, head bands, ring, bracelet, and hair clips. Didn’t I say that Popits is about versatility? Popits allows you to blend and match your ornaments and are interchangeable as nicely with your carriers! How neat is that?

Every single Popits carrier comes with a unique machine in which you can attach charms.

There are numerous charms that can be connected to your Popits. These are composed of Swarovski gems to make confident that the ornaments do not shed its luster even when it gets wet. The charms automatically turns a basic pair of flip flops to anything glamorous!

I personally think the headband is great each time you want to gown up an outfit or even wear it throughout a formal event.

You will certainly fall in enjoy with Popits: Type is what you make it.

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