Essential Accessories for Women and Men

Everyone wants to feel like they’re well-rounded in their style – that they can go into their closest and pull out an amazing outfit from scratch. You want to know you have all the fashion pieces you might need for any occasion. Tops, bottoms, outwear, shoes, etc. Your wardrobe should be an important collection of clothing items that compliment your style and personality. It’s vital that these clothes are fashionable and fit you properly so you look polished and put together. But besides the basics, what are the essential accessories you should have to complete your look? There are a few pieces that are worth taking the extra time to find the perfect selection for you, and they are worth spending a little extra cash on because they will hopefully last and be incredibly versatile. Essentials are trend-proof and will work with any style. Here are the top must-have accessories for both women and men.



Your handbag is your lifeline when you leave your house. It carries all your most important items, so it is one of the most important pieces you’ll own. Yes, women love to have lots of purses – for different outfits, seasons, events, and moods. But concentrate your effort on one bag that can function for as many purposes as possible. A medium-sized black- or neutral-colored leather bag, for example, that is relatively simple, will go with almost any outfit.

Black pumps

A simple pair of black pumps that fit well is a women’s wardrobe staple. Most importantly – get a pair that’s comfortable. Black pumps can be worn with anything, from with a dress to with trousers, and they can even dress up a pair of jeans. Black pumps can spice up the sex appeal and class of any outfit. Even wear them with your lingerie.

Diamond stud earrings

Splurge on a real set of diamonds for your lobes, and you will never regret it. Diamond stud earrings are such a classic look, and you can wear them with absolutely any outfit. If you can’t afford the real thing, go with a cubic zirconia pair instead, but see how often you wear them and you’ll want to upgrade so they last longer.

Statement jewelry

Every woman should have a few pieces of statement jewelry that truly express her style. A pendant necklace, for example, and some interesting bracelets, will spruce up any wardrobe. Add your statement jewelry to any basic outfit and you infuse some of your personality and original style into it.


Cuff links

Every man needs a nice pair of cuff links. Cuff links radiate class and style, and they are a key part of “dressing to impress.” Don’t wear a suit without them. Invest in a nice pair that reflect your style and will go with any suit in your wardrobe.

Black leather belt

A good quality leather belt is a must-have. Don’t let your belts get worn out. Take proper care so it always looks fresh, and it will literally and figuratively hold your outfit together.

Black shoes

A nice pair of black shoes, also preferably leather, will go with any outfit. You can wear them with your suits or business casual outfits, or use them to dress up a pair of jeans. You should also invest in some leather cleaner to keep them clean and shiny.


A good, style, and comfortable pair of sneakers is essential. Go with whatever fits your style, and try to find something that will go with most of your shirts and pants. Lots of guys wear sneakers all the time, so it’s worth it to get a nice pair. People will look at your feet, so make sure your sneakers aren’t dirty or juvenile.



Your wallet will hold your cash, credit cards, and ID, and those are probably the most important things you’ll have with you, and things you want to protect. Buy a good quality wallet to keep in your purse or your pocket. A leather option will probably last the longest.


Men and women both should own a nice watch. If you wear no other jewelry, get a good watch. Your watch will signify to people that you care about your time and your image.

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