5 Fashionable Winter Wear You Should Try

Just the mention of winter and the first thing that often comes to the minds of many people is bulky layers of clothing made up of bulky scarves, sweaters, bomber jackets, turtlenecks, boots, cloaks etc. Note, however, that dressing in layers during winter does not in any way mean you have to look out of fashion or bulkier. The latest fashion trends have seen to it that you can keep your cozy without feeling cold or looking too bulky.  You need to maintain your look, look sexy, and feel fashionable and in vogue and here are the top 5 fashionable winter wear that you ought to try out.

Leggings and tights

Dresses and skirts are for summer and spring seasons when you want to let loose and just enjoy the cool breeze that comes with light weather. Winter season, however, is not a time to let lose. You need to layer yourself and cover yourself as much as possible. This frigid and gloomy weather can really mess you up, and bring a whole lot of diseases so it is important to cover your legs up. Pantyhose, tights, and leggings can be worn with pants, skirts, and dresses and can really look fashionable without making you look bulky.


Camisoles are another undergarment that can add a layer of comfort and warm without looking bulky during the winter. They are very thin and very diverse pieces of clothes that you can wear to keep you warm and comfortable. While still on undergarments, you can go for body shapers that will provide a nice layer to protect you from cold while at the same time toning, shaping and smoothening your silhouette.

Winter boots

Winter boots are by far the most fashionable winter wear you can find in the market, which often comes a close second to jackets and coats. Today’s winter boots are trendy and very fashionable, and the fact that they are available in different styles, shapes and designs means they can be worn with just about any outfit. Whether you are looking for a knee length skinny pair of boot to put on with a short skirt, or want ankle length boots for skinny jeans, there is something for every fashion out there. The best thing with winter boots is the fact that they come in different styles to complement both a casual and formal look.

Cardigans, vests and hoodies

Cardigans, vests and hoodies are a must-have fashionable winter wear that will layer you and keep you warm throughout the bone chilling months of winter. These can be worn with a sweater or alone for extra warmth whether you are indoors or outdoors. Vests are available in different varieties and styles, perfect for casual wear or official wear. Hooded cardigans and sweatshirts are also ideal as they can be worn instead of heavy jackets.

Coats and sweaters

Sweaters are available in a wide variety of styles with very nice fitting and good looking designs and is a perfect accessory during winter. They provide the same warmth without looking very bulky, and the fact that they can be worn with just about any outfit, whether it is a pair of official trousers, skirts, or a pair of jeans, means you can look smart and in vogue without feeling cold. Coats also fall in the same category and even though they tend to be bulkier compared to other winter wears, you can still go for the less bulkier varieties in the market and make up for the “missing” warmth with inner garments such as camisoles, leggings and tights, vests and hoods and you will be good to step out of the house regardless of the weather.

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